Ready to read people? 

Here are two 8 week training programs where you can learn face and body reading and become your own human lie detector.


these training programs build on each other

Transformative Face Reading

Detecting habitual thoughts by using micro expressions; lie detection and much more.

The Experiential Face Reading Course is designed to help you improve your communication skills by understanding the deeper meaning behind micro expressions and muscle movements. Throughout the course, you will learn how to read faces and interpret the messages they convey, allowing you to better understand yourself and others.

Online Training

COHORT 5  April 25 – June 13, 2024
Thursdays @ 9-12 AM Mexico Time

COHORT 6  April 28 – June 16, 2024
Sundays @ 7-10 PM Mexico Time

Limited Seating: 12 Max per Cohort

Own Your Body Language

Read their every gesture like a book and understand what needs to be said or done.

In this training, you’ll learn the meaning of body patterns, habitual thought patterns, and even body patterns that might lead to chronic pain. When you can recognize their patterns you will be able to adjust your message for best understanding. When you recognize your own patterns you will discover what dims your power. 

Online Training

COHORT 3  April 23 – June 11, 2024
Tuesdays @ 7-10 PM Mexico Time

COHORT 4  April 27 – June 15, 2024
Saturdays @ 7-11 PM Mexico Time

Limited Seating: 12 Max per Cohort

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