There is no more important task in this life than making your mind and body congruent. It helps you feel well seated within yourself, helps you to communicate clearly with others, and be generally unfuckwithable.


About Agnieszka

I help you dig out your inner light


My name is Agnieszka and I help you dig up your inner light from the muck of external programming that no longer serves you.

My mission is to help you recover your inner strength and break free from the things that are holding you back. 

The Key Tools you learn here will enable you to release internalized negative programming and replace it with a method that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Together, we’ll work on finding a path that truly works for you.

When I look at someone I can see a lot more than the average person. Most people do face and body reading subconsciously. They will look at someone and have a gut feeling or a sense. When you study with me you will be able to understand exactly WHY.

When you OWN YOUR BODY LANGUAGE you will develop a deep understanding of human nature and finally get why people do the things they do.

I have been studying a coaching and psychology techniques since childhood. Starting with lore and legends while finding similarities in stories told all over the world. Over the years I have done several deep dives into the research of certain psychological concepts. I have written articles and presented talks about mastering your own psychology since 2010.

In 2010 I met one of the most interesting people: Carole Maureen Friesen, only a few months later I met the amazing Hermann Muller the Founder of Psychosomatic Therapy.

Meeting these people completely changed my life. I have practically moved in with Carole (in Calgary, AB, Canada) and we worked together for years perfecting her courses and presentations on self healing and self understanding.

I have been following in their footsteps over the years. I have assisted and taught hundreds of classes and while completing my apprenticeship at the Lightworkers Institute (the North American office teaching Psychosomatic Therapy).

Working for Carole I truly unlocked my own potential. I went from being an office assistant in a corporate zoo and I became the script writer, content creator, automation and email specialist, video editor and main student support person for the Lightworkers Institute (while absorbing every single bit of information on Face and Body Reading and understanding oneself). 

I never went back to having a “real” job. Instead I honed the skills I developed working with Carole and once she moved to Costa Rica to start her retreat centre I worked as a freelancer traveling the world.

I was freed, but not all the way freed. I still had a lot of limiting beliefs that kept me basically having a regular job but as an independent freelancer. I would do what I was asked to do and try to meet my clients’ expectations. 

In 2019 I joined AUTONOMY and I have had the honor and the privilege of studying and teaching at the University of Reason. 

I started freeing myself from limiting programming the minute I moved out of my parents house when I was 18… but I didn’t become truly FREE until I graduated from AUTONOMY. 

The learnings layered on top of each other and I started, for the first time in my life, experiencing what I would call SUCCESS. 

I was able to renegotiate my roles in certain projects, I was able to take charge and get what I wanted and most importantly I learned to speak from my wisdom and my clients started to benefit from my years of experience. I stopped being an obedient follower and became a leader for me and for my clients. 

In 2020, a full 10 years after learning about Psychosomatic Therapy I started teaching Face and Body Reading and my version of the Self Healing Seminars.

I called my talks Sovereign Body Language.


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Are you interested in learning more before you sign up? Meet with Agnieszka on Zoom for a free 15-minute session where she will answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on which training may be best for you.

Whether you’re looking to improve your communication skills, deepen your understanding of yourself and others, or harness your inner power for positive change, this is a step in the right direction.


Certified Life Coach


Agnieszka graduated from a very exclusive boutique Transformative Coach Training from Demers. She uses the tools she learned in this program with her clients every day. 

Master Practitioner of Psychosomatic Therapy


Despite becoming a master therapist in 2014, Agnieszka didn’t conclude her apprenticeship with Carole M Friesen until mid 2016. She dedicated 6 years of her life to working, traveling and teaching with Carole and the founder of Psychosomatic Therapy, Hermann Muller. 
While working in the office she became the go to person for questions and clarifications for students across North America. 



The Autonomy course is the core training at the University of Reason. It provides on with all the tools needed to step into their power and monetize their core strengths. Agnieszka loves to cement her Autonomous skills by reviewing this training nearly every time it is offered. She also leads teams and teaches copywriting and marketing strategy at the University of Reason. 

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