Visit us in Acapulco in 15 Jan to 15 Mar, 2024. We have an exciting lineup of talks, events and workshops this year. Coffee is on every morning.

Our NEW 2024 Location is at the Sun Beach Club Hotel, in Bonfil.

4 years of Cafe Rustico

Cafe Rustico came to life during Anarchapulco 2021, and from the beginning it was both rewarding and challenging.

It started with a need for good coffee in the neighborhood. We had people coming by our house following the smell of coffee… so we decided to open an impromptu cafe.

Each day more and more people gathered at the Original Cafe Rustico… and it was during one of those gatherings that Agorapulco was born.

As more people started gathering at our place, we realized it was the perfect space to host events and talks. 

We also had a DJ event and a bonfire and a mask-burning ceremony on the roof.

Our rich and flavorful fusion cafe de olla continues to impress.

It’s rooted in the traditional Mexican spiced coffee but with some extra twists. We start with the best quality coffee, Mexican spices and a touch of piloncillo. Secret herbs are added to the coffee to make the taste magical.

We receive rave reviews from both locals and visitors.


We were late looking for a space having changed our mind about staying in Bonfil during the conference in 2021. We found this old run down place that had all we needed and air conditioning too. This place was so rustic it gave name to Cafe Rustico.

This is the time we started organzing Cafe Rustico excursions… visits to the centrum, watching the sunset over the Acapulco Bay, La Roqueta Island with open ocean swimming, boat cruises around the bay, visits to the mercado or exploring the star fort.


2023 was an interesting year. We participated in the Greater Reset in Morelia and we arrived in Acapulco just days before the event.

In the end, we ended up being a popup cafe showing up in front of Max Igan’s bar, on the beach and of course we still offered a few exciting excursions.

This was also the first year Agnieszka spoke on the big stage at Anarchapulco and Mariposa Freedom Festivals. 


2024 is the best year yet! We rented a beautiful property with ocean views where we can host workshops and music events (do you want to present? contact us! ).

We will also have new excursions, events and even the Anarchapulco watch party!  Keep checking the events page – new ones are being added daily!

We will also have coffee, healthy aqua fresca and more every morning at Cafe Rustico… the hotel restaurant (Sun Beach Club) promised to create a special Anarchapulco menu together with the 3 meat Anarchist Special… He will also have fresh juices and smoothies.

If however, you are looking for something vegan or vegetarian, ask Erwin in Cafe Rustico. 

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