Read Between the Lines: The Hidden Language of Sold

Enhance your emotional perception

Forge authentic human connections

Decode unspoken emotional cues

Build rapport and trust easily

Understand motivations, hesitations, and buying signals

Deliver pitches that are personally catered to each buyer’s situation

As a professional salesperson, you know that true sales mastery goes far beyond a slick pitch.

The most successful closers have an almost psychic ability to tap into the unspoken wants, needs, and hesitations of their prospects.

That’s where face reading comes in.

Based on principles from Jungian psychology and ancient wisdom traditions, face reading is all about getting beneath the code behind subtle microexpressions, body language cues, and emotional signals. We’re all constantly giving off subtle clues, even if we’re not aware of it.

But it goes beyond just reading facial expressions. Face reading also brings to light the habitual ways someone thinks and the unconscious frameworks they use to make decisions day-to-day.

After this face reading training, your team will learn a powerful new skill set that gives them an edge in their daily sales interactions: 

    • A deeper understanding of clients beyond just what’s said – reading body language and microexpressions to grasp their actual needs, hesitations, and decision-making drivers.
    • The ability to build genuine rapport by picking up on and mirroring the emotional undertones and mindsets people subconsciously convey.
    • Insights into personality traits that allow for more psychologically tailored, persuasive communication styles.
    • Elevated emotional intelligence to anticipate reactions, handle objections more deftly, and guide conversations in a natural way.

Rather than relying solely on words, your sellers will learn to interpret the whole range of nonverbal cues that reveal someone’s authentic feelings and thought patterns in that moment. It’s a level of human perception that leads to more personal connections and trusted advisor relationships.

Whether you’re a road warrior, hybrid seller, or running an inside sales team, face reading is the unfair advantage that separates the merely good from the truly great at sales.

Don’t leave crucial buying signals and opportunities on the table. Master the skill of face reading to speak the hidden language of sold and start blowing your quotas out of the water.

Agnieszka will equip your team with the human perceptiveness to become charismatic sellers with the power of persuasion. They’ll deliver pitches personally tailored to resonate every time and catch buying signals before prospects even realize. It’s the ultimate mindset mastery for more personal sales experiences that drive revenue.

Agnieszka Evenson is an expert in decoding the unspoken language of face and body expressions. With over a decade of intensive study under renowned psychosomatic therapists like Carole Maureen Friesen and Hermann Muller, she has mastered the art of reading someone’s authentic emotional state, motivations, and decision-making patterns through their nonverbal cues.

As an experienced instructor, Agnieszka teaches sales teams how to Get an Edge with Face Reading for enhanced emotional intelligence, persuasive communication, and staying ahead of potential objections. Her face reading skills provide superhero level vision into a prospect’s mindset, allowing sellers to apply radical empathy, forge genuine human connections and see beyond the sale into the mind and the needs of the client.

Unlock the hidden language of face reading to understand clients on a deeper level and skyrocket your sales performance.

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