OVERNIGHT EXCURSION: Visit to Papanoa & Puerto Vicente

After soaking up all the insights and energy from the conference, how about we cap it off with a little adventure? We’re heading out for an overnight excursion to Papanoa & Puerto Vicente before everyone jets back home.

Papanoa’s got that untouched small-town allure, and Puerto Vicente offers the perfect seaside escape to reflect on everything we’ve learned. It’s our chance to unwind, connect with nature, and share stories from the conference in a more relaxed setting.

So before you pack up for home, let’s pack in a bit more fun. Trust me, it’ll be the cherry on top of our trip. 

We will gather at Cafe Rustico Saturday (Feb 24) and have a coffee before driving up the coast to Papanoa. We will book ourselves into the beautiful Papanoa Hotel and spend the afternoon on the beach. The next morning we will check out and head down to Puerto Vicente for some seafood and swimming before taking the two hour trip back.


When: Saturday Feb 24 -Sunday Feb 25

Where: Gather at Cafe Rustico for coffee at 8 AM

Facilitator: Erwin Diaz

Cost: TBD

Transportation and hotel costs depend on the numbers so stop by soon to get on the list.