Face Reading Training

starts April 25th!

What is Face Reading?

It’s a study of the marks your habitual micro-expressions have left in your face. Your face (and your whole body) show the whole world what you have been thinking…. don’t you want to know what they are saying?

Face reading is more than just a party trick; it’s a deeper way of understanding people.

Our society tends to be cold, judgmental, mean even… why?

I believe it’s because over the years division has been taught to us with every breath. Every hour you spent in school, being pitted against your friends. Unhealthy competition. Same among women who compete against one another.

Women compare the length of their eyelashes and men compare their triceps… and both miss the true essence of the other person.

Looking at others with love and curiosity in mind has almost been eradicated.

We are told not to stare… for they might think we are judging them.

Why would that be the go-to response?

Our society suffers a lack of empathy.

Face Reading is a direct antidote for that.

Face Reading combines ancient Chinese face reading techniques with the chakra system (used by over 300 different modalities) and a deep study of the muscle, bone, tendon, and fascia systems of the body.

Are you ready to find out once and for all why this man is a little creepy? or that woman who seems so grumpy all the time?

This is a way to look beyond the surface and see the deep underlying emotions within.

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

In this training, you will learn what chakras govern each area of the face. You will learn about the three zones of the face: physical, emotional, and mental.

We will not be recognizing personality traits. Everyone has an unlimited potential.

We will be studying about how people manage energy and how their mental processes and emotional reactions are expressed at this time.

You will get to apply what you’ve learned through real-life examples and exercises.

We can see the marks the habitual micro expressions make and clearly identify the meaning behind them.

And what about how you can use this technique to refine the way you interact with others and make your own communication more purposeful?

Words, while powerful, are responsible for only 7% of communication while speaking to someone face to face.

Think about what this means for those difficult conversations…

With your spouse, your coworkers, bosses or employees… with your maid or your crabby next-door neighbor…

Every conversation can be supported by first approaching it through the lens of face reading.

Think about what you want to say… but also how you need to say it to this particular person.

How would it be most beneficial to serve this information to them so they can hear it fully?

How can you minimize or even eliminate misunderstandings before they happen?

Understanding how your body language impacts others helps you captivate attention, create powerful connections & open new possibilities for collaboration.

There are classes for practitioners, masters and teachers of Psychosomatic Therapy. 

The problem was… no one was doing any classes for just people.

Not for therapists or psychologists…but for just regular people.

People who want to understand themselves and others on a whole new level.

So I did.

I created two classes, this one and the Own Your Body Language class… for people.

People who need to hold difficult conversations with others…


People like you. 

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Detecting habitual thoughts by using micro expressions; lie detection and much more.

The Face Reading Course is designed to help you improve your communication skills by understanding the deeper meaning behind micro expressions and muscle movements. Throughout the course, you will learn how to read faces and interpret the messages they convey, allowing you to better understand yourself and others.


8 Week Online Training

April 25 – June 13, 2024
Thursdays @ 9-12 AM
Mexico Time

Limited Seating: 12 Max per Cohort


8 Week Online Training

April 28 – June 16, 2024
Sundays @ 7-10 PM
Mexico Time

Limited Seating: 12 Max per Cohort

Once a Cohort is full the Pay Button will no longer be displayed.
Spaces are limited to 12 students per cohort. 

My name is Agnieszka and I help you dig up your inner light from the muck of external programming that no longer serves you.

My mission is to help you recover your inner strength and break free from the things that are holding you back.

The Key Tools you learn here will enable you to release internalized negative programming and replace it with a method that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Together, we’ll work on finding a path that truly works for you.

Once you habitually apply these tools and methods you will be able to express your purpose with the appropriate INNER support. All of the Infographics, Bootcamps and Trainings on this page are designed to help you shine your light and proceed with purpose and commitment to yourself.

You have the keys to unlocking your best future deep within you!

This is Carole Maureen Friesen, my Psychosomatic Therapy Mentor and I sharing the power of Psychosomatic Therapy  with visitors to our booth at a Health Expo. This was back in 2012. We used to read hundreds of faces every day… and many left our booth with tears in their eyes… they were finally SEEN for who they really are… it’s a beautiful thing.  We did this for years.

Carole teaches classes for people who want to become practitioners or master practitioners in her beautiful retreat centre in Costa Rica. 

At the beginning I practically moved in with Carole. We worked very closely for 6 years while developing The Lightworkers Institute. I created online courses with her and fielded the student questions at all levels – from practitioner to teacher. I learned so much working with Carole and we still collaborate to this day… as a matter of fact, she usually visits each of the Face Reading classes that I hold.

So you are likely to meet her!

Even though Hermann passed on in 2017, the College of Psychosomatic Therapy still certifies therapists at all levels.

I have been a Master Psychosomatic Therapist for more than 10 years and I have worked directly with the Founder and Director of the College of Psychosomatic Therapy in Australia, Hermann Muller.

It’s been an incredible 14 year journey that’s packed my toolkit with some seriously effective strategies for helping people achieve self mastery and release the control that others have over them.