Cafe Rustico hours: 8:30 AM – 7 PM  

We are the official Anarchapulco Watch Party Location

During the conference we will be  broadcasting the talks from mainstage right in our main sala until 7 PM daily.

Our famous vegetarian breakfast and dinner will be available for purchase. There is no set menu, our chef follows his inspiration of the moment producing fusion meals with heavy Costa Grande and Oriental leanings. 

Coffee is on starting at 8:30 AM
Breakfast is served around 11 AM
Dinner is served after 5 PM

Coffee 35 peso, Healthy Fruit Water 50 peso and
Meal of the Day including drinks is 100 peso. 

We are in town 15 Jan to 15 Mar, 2024 at the Sun Beach Club Hotel, in Bonfil.

Cafe Rustico 2024

Hello! We have a NEW location for the Anarchapulco and Agorapulco 2024.

We will be listing workshops and music events right here!

As we got here mid January, some last repairs were being made (after the near total destruction of the city of Acapulco… we wrote about it here), there are still parts of the city and this hotel that are yet to be rebuilt… but we adapted gracefully and have everything we need.

Even more than anticipated as our air conditioned living room has been selected as the Watch Party Location for Anarchapulco. We will be broadcasting the main stage live throughout the conference.

All are welcome to stop by, buy breakfast, juice or a coffee and immerse yourself in the talks.  

Our NEW 2024 Location is across the street from the Sun Beach Club inside the hotel. 

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